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Bedroom Designs by Top Interior Designers: Tara Bernerd

Tara Bernerd & Partners is an interior architecture practice based in Belgravia, London, that prides itself on an intelligent approach to interior planning and design. They revel in a kind of luxury that has an approachable feel and an industrial edge, with a touch of masculinity and timeless elegance. Today at Master Bedroom Ideas we’ll be looking into some of her marvelous interiors with Bedroom Designs by Top Interior Designers. Tara Bernerd.

bedroom design
An excellent contemporary bedroom design with a fantastic bed with a sleek slightly wavy headboard, some mid-century lamps that in combination with the gorgeous table lamp pair takes care of the lighting design and a whimsical painting. A gorgeous design.

An elegant bedroom design with a touch of fantasy on the straps that cross the headboard.

Rustic yet charming, this bedroom design counts on a fireplace and a wooden backdrop on the opposite side to create a warm, cozy ambiance.

A charming bedroom design with neutral tones and a slight touch of a pastel yellow that creates perfect harmony between the design and the painting.

Grey, black and white bedroom tones fuse together on this seemingly self-sufficient bedroom with its own office.

Beautiful, gorgeous bedroom with an elegant bed design, a green bench and a flooring pattern that gives it a peculiar touch. The blue skyline is also working to enhance the overall design.

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A warm bedroom with a peculiar, almost plastic looking bedroom bench that joins the brown tones.

Modern and charming, a modern platform bed meets another over-bed photo for a minimal design.

Let’s end with this cozy design that’s both elegant and unpretentious.

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