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Bedroom Designs by Top Interior Designers: Eric Cohler

Let’s give the best of the best a chance they don’t need to prove themselves in another Bedroom Designs by Top Interior Designers, this time with Eric Cohler, dubbed “the Mixmaster” for blending high and low-end pieces and creating fresh interiors that feature the best of both worlds:

A beautiful contemporary bedroom design by Eric Cohler, with a sleek grey wall, wooden nightstand and beautiful carpet.

Charming white and navy blue bedroom design with gorgeous wall art, a sleek bedroom bench and a gorgeous mirror.

Simple yet charming bedroom design with grey tones, a bedroom fireplace and a beautiful grey sofa.

Beautiful canopy bed with a beautiful and small bedroom bench, a charming cream nightstand and a green table lamp design.

A wonderful bedroom design mixing bright red wallpaper with a white and blue textiles over a wooden floor.

Rustic bedroom with dominant brown tones and beautiful antique furniture looking absolutely delightful.

An exquisite master bedroom with a fur blanket and an exquisite canopy bed, also a pair of purple bedroom benches.

Simple yet charming bedroom with a tufted headboard and a stunning brown armchair.

bedroom designCharming bedroom with a beautiful nightstand, charming white textiles and gorgeous headboard tufted in cream tones.

Let’s end with this contemporary bedroom featuring a sleek canopy bed, plus a bedroom sofa with a contemporary cement center table.

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