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Bedrooms by Top Interior Designers: Kelly Wearstler

Today at Master Bedroom Ideas Blog we’ll continue with our weekly segment, Bedrooms by Top Interior Designers, where we’ll be showing some bedroom inspirations by some of the best experts in the interior design field. This week we’ll be showing some bedroom inspirations by Kelly Wearstler, a designer who turned a boutique interior design firm into a global lifestyle brand. Her studio now covers a wide array of styles and covers both big commercial projects at some the best hotels and restaurants to residential projects for the wealthy and powerful. Note that these are some of the best master bedroom designs money can buy, so without further ado let’s dive into this selection of bedroom designs by Kelly Wearstler.

Malibu Beach Residence
master bedrooms by top interior desginers: kelly wearstler

top interior designers

master bedrooms by top interior designers: kelly wearstler
This is Kelly Wearstler’s own family retreat in the breezy shores of Malibu Beach. The overall design makes use of shades of driftwood taupe, misty grey, watery green and soft pinks.

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Austin Residence

master bedroom design ideas top designers
Towering above Austin we may find this project by Kelly Wearstler with a deep blue feel to it, as she tried to capture the overall vibrancy of the city for the design to be a continuation of the surroundings.

Evergreen Residencemaster bedrooms by top designers kelly wearstler

master bedrooms by top designers kelly wearstler
Located in Mercer Island, Washington, this interior splits itself between a Parisian Jewl Box, a calm retreat and natural wonder, highlighted by warm brown tones and furs punctuated by some golden items that elevate this design to a master piece.

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Hillcrest Residence
top interior designers
One of Kelly’s most sumptuous, opulent and heavy designs.

Tribeca Loft

Seal Beach Residence

top interior designers

Spring Street Residence

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