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10 Decor Tips to Upgrade You Bedroom Design

There are always simple ways to improve your master bedroom design. Master Bedroom Ideas is here to help you with your decoration by giving you some decor tips on how to make the best of your bedroom.

1-Black is not always the darkest side

10 Decor Tips to Upgrade You Bedroom Design

Dark colors can add impact to a boring bedroom decor. Create contrasts with white and colorful elements. In actress Shay Mitchell’s master bedroom, walls painted in Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe contrast with the white furnishings and gold accents.

2-Create your own intimate space

10 Decor Tips to Upgrade You Bedroom Design

Painting your bedroom in one color only can get you a little more intimate space. It will feel like a jewelry box, that will guard you and keep you safe.

3-Bold patterns

10 Decor Tips to Upgrade You Bedroom Design

Wallpaper and textiles like bedding and curtains can add a lot of personality and uniqueness to your interior design. Start small with patterned throw pillows or go all out with floor to ceiling prints, as Miles Redd did in this Connecticut home.

4-The old and new together

10 Decor Tips to Upgrade You Bedroom Design

Mixing both antique and modern furniture is an incredible way of creating your very own personal style. Vintage pieces add warmth to the room while modern ones will add a freshness creating a balanced design.

5-Wallpaper the ceiling too

Low ceiling can turn into the focal point on any room design if only you give them a statement touch such as a wallpaper. Interior designer Jenny Wolf covered the master bedroom of her Brooklyn townhouse with a black and white floral motif by House of Hackney.

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6-Blue is the warmest color

Blue and white is a soothing combo of colors, really relaxing and because of that it is perfect for bedrooms. It will give the room a coastal touch and besides that it is one of the trends for this year!

7-A light color palette

In this Texas bedroom designed by Marie Flanagan, whites, tans, and soft grays create a serene space. A light color palette is the perfect way to create a relaxing environment on a contemporary design.

8-Layers bring uniqueness

A bedroom should always have a bit of coziness and one of the easiest ways to achieve that extra warmth is by adding layers. Top durable sisals with plush rugs and add throw blankets and pillows to the bed.

9-The bed must be the centerpiece

The bed is obviously the most important element of a bedroom, but it can also be the showstopping piece in the space. Play with scale and find a bed that commands the room, no matter how large your space is.

10-A seating area for a relaxing place

Make your bedroom a place you can relax by adding a sofa or even just a comfortable armchair.

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