Here you can find the latest trends and inspirations about bedrooms ideas for your interior design projects

Explore a selection of cutting edge bedroom designs by some of the best decorators in the world, with modern furniture ideas, stunning colors and beautiful combinations:
A dark wooden mid-century bedroom with a beautiful navy touch and a sleek white suspension lamp.
Mid-century modern bedroom in white and wood that looks absolutely perfect, with a tiny bit of a rustic influence.
A gray bedroom design with beautiful wallpaper and charming gray bed textiles and a charming wall lamp that goes over the bed.
A charming wooden mid-century bedroom with beautiful futuristic furniture in tones of bright yellow wood.
Beautiful blue mid-century modern bedroom featuring a trio of beautiful wooden bedroom benches, a mid-century chandelier design and a pair of suspension nightstands.
A gorgeous mid-century modern bedroom design with one-style furniture and a teal contemporary rug.
A charming bedroom design where the table lamps are just gorgeous, also featuring a pair of Italian mid-century leather armchairs and a couple of pink bedroom benches.
A simple yet beautiful mid-century modern bedroom design with a pair of gorgeous armchairs that combine with the background, while light wood Scandinavian furniture pieces blend with the beautiful white bed.
A charming mid-century modern design filled with contemporary art, a suspension bed, a gorgeous gray armchair and bonus points for the dog.
A charming mid-century modern design filled with contemporary art, a suspension bed, a gorgeous gray armchair and bonus points for the dog.
And last but not least, yet another design by Patricia Urquiola with colorful furnishings and tiled ceiling that gives a poolish vibe.
Another charming contemporary green bedroom design with countless pictures hanging on the wall.
Beautiful brown flooring with exquisite green and white fabrics over the bed. Simple, elegant and beautiful.
A charming green bedroom with rough wood details and plant motifs hanging on the wall.
green bedroom 10 Exuberant Green Bedroom Designs green bedroom design by patricia urquiola master bedroom ideas modern bedroom designPatricia Urquiola designed this flawless bedroom at an Italian hotel. The contemporary furnishings in black and white tones blend perfectly with a green upholstered bed and walls.
This beautiful bedroom follows the lead of the one before, yet including a writing desk and golden table lamps over a charming nightstand that looks sleek and modern.
An all green bedroom design with minimal traces, small bedside table and mid-century modern table lamp.
Another contemporary green bedroom design with brown tones and white and red minimal paintings.
A charming tropical vibe on this beautiful master bedroom with exotic leaves and patterns. An oriental pendant lamp completes the look.
An exquisite green bedroom design where contemporary lines blend with the surrounding green landscape.
Contemporary Chelsea High Rise Bedroom by Drew McGukin Interiors, with a cat for bonus internet points. Beautiful interior design.
A whimsical dream bedroom that seems straight out of a movie, with a four poster bed, beautiful light blue tones and a gorgeous pair of antique nightstands.
Luxury master bedroom design by Jan Showers with crystal chandelier and starburst mirror over beautiful pink tones. Perfect execution.
Charming neutral bedroom with clean cream and grey tones and a mirrored nightstand at an Upper West Side Duplex by Dineen Architecture
Charming bedroom with beautiful headboard, rug and red wall art by Brown Davis Interiors. Oh, and cats!
A dream bedroom with internet-age elements by DHD Architecture, looking comfortable and modern at the same time.
A gorgeous cream master bedroom design with a modern painting in South Central Park by Thomas Pheasent
Charming bedroom in white and navy blue by Sara Story Design with a beautiful view over Chicago.
Classical bedroom detail on a design by Sandra Nunnerley, with a charming upholstered headboard and a sleek metallic nightstand.
Luxury master bedroom design with blue velvet tones by NH Design, with a gorgeous velvet bedroom bench, a pair of stunning armchairs and a beautiful blue nightstand pair that look absolutely stunning with the white root table lamps.
Let’s end with this gorgeous contemporary bedroom with a lot of character, style and beautiful modern elements that make this an outstanding example of bedroom design.
Beautiful poster bed on a palatial bedroom with a lot of light exposure and a charming gold crystal chandelier.
A contemporary bedroom in all grey and black with beautiful glimmering table lamps
Charming and simple, this bedroom looks sleek without even trying. Grey and dark tones dominate while a couple of wall lamps lighten up the mood.
A charming black bedroom design with stunning simplicity with the open closet for a comfortable, beautiful feel.
Black and gold, a timeless combination that exudes luxury and style. An exquisite color that looks absolutely stunning.
A charming vintage bedroom design with mid-century elements and a touch of white on the pillows.
A glorious black bedroom with a calf skin rug and a gorgeous tufted bedroom bench over a crystal chandelier.
A glorious black bedroom with a calf skin rug and a gorgeous tufted bedroom bench over a crystal chandelier. design ideas modern bedroom decor master bedroom decorating design
A gorgeous bedroom design with some art deco elements and beautiful golden shades. The chandelier is gold and sumptuous, with a gorgeous sculptural nightstand that looks sleek and charming.
The same concept as before, but with two mirrors with a rounded top.
A modern bedroom design in grey with a pair of rectangular mirrors behind the nightstand.
A gorgeous vintage mirror design that fills and extends the space in the whole room. A mirror in bedroom has never looked so charming.
A charming pink bedroom design with a mirrored closet that fits the whole wall. Beautiful mid-century design.
A charming bedroom with a gorgeous contemporary nightstand with a rectangular mirror design hanging on the wall.
Gorgeous mirrored nightstand with a mirror in bedroom over it. Both complement each other perfectly.
Charming grey bedroom design where the vintage shapes on the bedroom contrast with the minimalism of the rectangular mirror, while a pendant bulb provides some whimsy.
A rectangular oversized mirror just by the bed gives you space to try new clothes. The wood flooring looks beautiful with the modern chair.
A coppery round mirror in a pink bedroom with a worn floor. Perfect place for a mirror in bedroom as it gives this vintage, edgy feel to the whole decor.
Let’s end with this charming bedroom design that looks absolutely stunning with a pop of yellow to highlight the beautiful brown shades.
Beautiful, simple and charming, this beautiful bedroom doesn’t overthink and looks great with all its classic feel. A perfect place to let yourself sleep on a cool Sunday Morning.
A beautiful floral Autumn pattern over a heavy leather headboard and a beautiful snake skin bedroom bench and a riveted case nightstand. Sublime.
A modern example of a brown bedroom, where the simplicity overcomes all the details for a charming look.
A charming oriental inspired brown bedroom that pops with the red upholstery on the bed. Charming and delightful Japanese touch on contemporary master bedroom design.
A charming modern canopy bed in Scandinavian style turns this bedroom into an exquisite place. Nothing else is needed.
A charming bedroom with a lot of detail and texture, where the brown works as the binding color. On this single design, you can find all kinds of brown bedroom ideas, and you can use a few or a lot and it will always look great.
An unsettling brown bedroom design that’s sure to make waves, where a gorgeous canopy bed hides a starburst chandelier and a Renaissance painting makes waves behind the upholstery.
Contemporary, warm and cozy brown bedroom design that doesn’t need the rustic elements, using instead an upholstered bed to transmit its heat.
Charming and fresh, with bedroom feels like the perfect place to wake up to one of those autumn breezes. Notice the side table used at the bedside, the charming chair with a beautiful frame and a painting tryptic on the wall.
Let’s end with a charming cream bedroom design with a beautiful rug and charming curtains.
Charming stone walls and brown tones and a slight touch of metal, Eric’s signature touch.
A sumptuous bedroom design with beautiful pendant fixtures that give the bedroom an almost extraterrestrial look.
Contemporary warmth on this master bedroom with Eric’s trademark table lamps and wooden nightstands, with slight metallic shades.
Beautiful upholstered bedroom bench combines with a squared wall and a beautiful pillow cluster.
A rustic chalet bedroom with an element of contemporary design on the bed and nightstand combo.
Detail from a dark bedroom design with a metallic table lamp and a gorgeous fur duvet that looks absolutely stunning.
Charming curtains and dark copper tones on this beautiful bedroom by Eric Kuster, where every element blends in with the gorgeous carpet.
Pillow palace on this light and soft bedroom design with a minimal nightstand, sheep wool rug, and a beautiful brown wall.
An oversized headboard on this high-end bed, mixed with a tufted bedroom bench and a pair of nightstands that bçend with the charming table lamps.
A charming bedroom design with clean cream tones, light metallic shades and a beautiful view over the beach.
A charming bedroom design with his trademark oxford upholstered headboard and a charming armchair that looks like a piece of a cloud.
Let’s end our fabric tour with a charming platinum velvet headboard that blends with the neutral pink tones for this gorgeous master bedroom look.
A gorgeous headboard tufted in wool for a cozy, charming bedroom feel with the cream and neutral tones dominating.
A modern bed with a charming design and linen headboard for a contemporary look with the pair of mid-century modern wall lamps and gorgeous armoire.
A beautiful pair of upholstered beds with green velvet, a fresh and absolutely delightful look, making for a high-end bedroom without any forced feeling.
A beautiful pair of upholstered beds with green velvet, a fresh and absolutely delightful look, making for a high-end bedroom without any forced feeling.
On this upholstered bed, we can see the contrast between faux and real leather. Here the real leather provides texture, color, and a warm feeling.
Fine chambray linens in black and white for an absolutely stunning master bedroom look. A thin nightstand blends with a modern mid-century table lamp and a touch of blue on the blanket elevates this look.
A charming orange headboard using faux-leather. A flawless execution of this textile.
A sumptuous faux-leather headboard on this gorgeous upholstered bed. The worn effect looks charming with the worn back wall.
This gorgeous upholstered bed makes use of Australian wool for a glamorous, sumptuous headboard. The earthy tones blend with a pinch of orange and a beautiful suspension lamp finishes the look.
Let’s end in style with a contemporary bedroom with charming suspension lamps and a beautiful rich brown headboard. A gorgeous master bedroom design.
Charming bedroom design blending a lot of influences, with an antique leather couch in front of the bed, a gorgeous navy blue armchair, a white piano and a stunning gilded table lamp.
Who said fall couldn’t be contemporary? This modern bedroom features a pair of dried plants, a stunning modern bench with a black leather headboard, and a touch of drama in the black and white blanket.
A charming bedroom design by Kelly Wearstler with a gorgeous modern bed and rich brown butterfly wing patterns on the walls.
Floral patterns again, this time in a bedroom with a lot of character, blending vintage items, antiques, and books for a rich master bedroom design.
A delightfull modern canopy bed with black textiles and charming colorful details over a leopard pattern carpet? Count us in, and as we’re seeing more and more of the leopard flooring, we’re counting on it to be one of the defining fall trends for 2017.
A delightful bedroom with a canopy bed, a stunning antique bedroom bench and a warm checkered pattern that’s just right for the upcoming fall.
Charming master bedroom design with a snake skin chest, Autumn floral patterns, charming wall lamps and a beautiful brown headboard.