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Vivid Color Palettes for your Bedroom

Alright, let’s forget about the monolithic colours of contemporary design for a while, after all, Summer is approaching and with it comes the will for fresh and colorful bedroom inspirations, so we’re bringing you a carefully curated selection of Vivid Color Palettes for your Bedroom. Shine on!

Yellow & Blue:

You can’t go wrong with this color palette as they blend together like bread and butter. The exuberant bed head is almost cartoonish, reminding of Johnny Bravo’s hair, but here at Master Bedroom Ideas we like a good dose of humor in our design.

Yellow & White:
Yellow and white, must be right… right? This sunny and evocative combination is as close as a bedroom gets to a beach, especially when you add a sandy rug and wooden furniture.

White and Blue:

There’s a huge swimming pool color palette on this year’s interior design trends, and this magnificently upholstered bed is just too gorgeous to be true. Combine it with geometric flooring and white textiles and you’ve got yourself a winner.

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Pink with Metallic tones:

This color palette is both fresh and beautiful, with the copper providing the extra shine to all the pink overtones. Golden frames, classically inspired furniture and straight metallic lines.

Grey, Teal and Orange Red:
color palette bedroom
Ultra modern, ultra-chic, this color combination makes the orange tones pop like popcorn in a pan. The contemporary lines of the furniture and an uncompromising chair used as a nightstand are a beautiful touch to an already excellent design.

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White + Everything:
color palette bedroom

This isn’t exactly a color palette, more like an old trick. Combining white with a torrent of colors to make them shine make it really hard to go wrong. Look for colorful textiles and keep the clumsiness to a minimum.

Seagreen + Everything:

Not unlike the previous color palette, this combination provides a bedroom with an exciting travelers aura.

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