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The 5 World’s Most Passionate Celebrity Bedrooms

Ever wondered about what is going on in celebrity’s homes? Today we’ll show how they decorate their Master Bedrooms. If walls could talk, these Celebrity Bedrooms would have a lot of stories to tell. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite bedrooms of actors, musicians, and producers.

Jeremy Renner

This 2 times Oscar nominee shows a fashionable taste regarding his bedroom. This bedroom design is has a lot of variety, even though fall in the same genre and model. Hardwood floors, dark furnishings, and a large chandelier come together to form a beautiful master bedroom.

Celebrity Bedrooms - Jeremy Renner

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Jennifer Lawrence

Where do we even begin? The Academy award winner fills her large master bedroom with a light redefined atmosphere, and you can be sure that it won’t catch fire. It’s truly a luscious hideaway, from the beautifully worn silk rug to the oversized tufted bench and headboard.

Celebrity Bedrooms - Jennifer Lawrence

Meg Ryan

Although the overall interior has a simple look, it’s ease to fancy this bedroom decoration, made by the actress and producer. A lovely light set combined with a beautiful San Francisco bay view it’s all she needs to feel right at home.

Celebrity Bedrooms - Meg Ryan

Sela Ward

Like the drama actress herself, the bedroom is based on darker tones, yet this sophisticated master suite is very inviting, with amazing four-poster bed enveloped in sheer drapes.

Celebrity Bedrooms - Sela Ward

Diane Keaton

A nice master bedroom, revealing a modern rustic decor. It falls in a calm, relaxing feel, perfect for a bedroom after a full day on set, right next to a cozy fire.

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Celebrity Bedrooms - Diane Keaton

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