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15 Amazing Bedroom Designs for Men

While we do know bedrooms have no sex and attaching one to a bedroom can be reductive, we’d like to go around that and present you some bedroom designs we think feel masculine. Notably, there’s a strong presence of gray shades, a few details and fixtures that are traditionally associated with men and some sort of masculine old Holywood glamor. Without further ado, let’s dive in right into this careful selection of 15 15 Amazing Bedroom Designs for Men

An amazing bedroom with a pair of mid-century wooden nightstands that feel very modern and contrast with the concrete wall and gorgeous minimalist landscape painting.

amazing bedroom for men
On this men bedroom, we can find a stunning architectural apparatus and a sleek rug that emulates contemporary art. The white blanket binds all the elements together for an amazing bedroom design.

amazing bedroom for menSleek, minimalistic, classic bedroom in black and white. There’s nothing much to add to the picture as every element is just flawless and something anyone can achieve with minimal effort.

A chesterfield headboard, well, that’s a sure sign of a men bedroom if we ever saw one. An elegant antique chair and tiled walls give this amazing bedroom a refined look.

An incredible bedroom that blends interior design and art. There’s even a nice cup of cappuccino and a newspaper to for when he wakes up. Perfection.

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Alright, who else would leave rusty junk around for when it’s time to sleep? This amazing bedroom features many outstanding elements besides its own private junkyard, such as a charming wall lamp, a curtain that seems to come from nowhere and concrete walls.

Now for a touch of contemporary design, this bedroom fixtures some of the biggest master bedroom trends with some unusual lighting, firm straight lines and a glimpse of color in the form of an orange pillow pair.

Sleek and amazing bedroom with a grey rug, a purposely messy textile arrangement on the bed and a sleek nightstand joined by scientific prints over the bed.

This men bedroom design features bold brown tones that contrast with the white textiles and a metallic nightstand and mid-century table lamp.

A baseball fanatics dream, this amazing bedroom leaves nothing to detail, even stadium stands are allowed.

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amazing bedroom for men
Amazing grey bedroom with a wall fixture of two crossed swords, a beautiful rug and a white chandelier.

Stunning black and white men bedroom detail with a breathtaking modern nightstand and a golden touch for extra extravagance.

Open bedroom loft design right above the bar. We can’t imagine a more harmonious combination.

Alright, there’s a lot to talk about in this bedroom, but a swordfish over the bedroom stole all the words we had to describe this. Amazing bedroom? Well, amazing in its own way.

Let’s finish with a calm and charming master bedroom design where everything is as it should. Beauty in simplicity.

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