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10 Floor Lamps To Spark Some Inspiration In You

Have you ever stopped to think about how much light changes your home? Now ask this question: But can it be art? It can. A well-chosen floor lamp can completely modify a space, becoming a prominent piece that combines functionality, beauty and refinement. Before you start searching for the perfect furniture design, check our tips that can help you determinate what you really need. Ready to explore the best floor lamps to your home? Find out Now


Floor lamp | Pharo

This lamp is perfect for achieving the luxurious design you need, the perfect definition of a modern lighting piece that combines greatness and something memorable. This bespoke design is handmade in brass, and crystal.

Boca do Lobo


20 Floor Lamps To Spark Some Inspiration In You


Looking for sophistication, emotion and passion? With an unmistakable presence to its mere functional characteristics, this lamp adds a classic appeal to any environment. Perfect to fit your bedroom ideas and explore your outstanding skills to interior designer.

Hudson Furniture

Lamp Floor | LIBERTE

20 Floor Lamps To Spark Some Inspiration In You

Design by Barlas Baylar, this floor lamp leaves no one indifferent. With a luxury design perceived at first glance this could be the modern design that your home needs!

Ralph Pucci

Floor Lamp | Herve Van der Straeten

20 Floor Lamps To Spark Some Inspiration In You

White, black and gold rime with such lighting bold. Effectively bold, irreverent and unforgettable are words that we can easily associate with this floor lamp. Such a good design idea for your home!

Fendi Casa

Floor Lamp | Infinity

20 Floor Lamps To Spark Some Inspiration In You

If you are looking for bedroom ideas, the infinity is a wonderful starting point. Fitting perfectly has a statement piece, is ideal of modern design, with straight lines and spheres.


Lamp Floor | CYRUS

20 Floor Lamps To Spark Some Inspiration In You

CYRUS floor lamp was inspired by the freedom and the vast culture of the Persian civilization. Magnificent, sober and exquisite are some of the keywords that describe this furniture design.


Lamp floor | TYCHO

Are you looking for design inspiration that will elevate your interior design? A Elegant and timeless piece is a great way to start. Tycho lamp create a unique light refraction that will give the perfect level of charme to your home.


Lamp floor | IKE

Characterized by its elements, minimalist shapes and clean lines, the Ike floor lamp fits incredibly inside a luxury design for bedroom ideas.


Floor Lamp |Babel

Luxury is what defines this lamp. Each crystal reflects elegance and sophistication. Perfect to give the modern design look to your home. See more here.


Floor Lamp | Mcqueen

In a slightly more feminine perspective the mcqueen lamp floor is the perfect choice to give an artistic and glamorous feeling to any project

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