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Exciting 2017 Bedroom Trends: Upholstered Beds

One of the biggest 2017 bedroom trends is the upholstered bed, a voluptuous design detail that provides volume and luxury to any master bedroom. This year they are making a comeback, and you can see examples of upholstered bedheads in the most trendy, luxurious designs. Today at Master Bedroom Ideas Blog we’ll be showing you a curated selection of beds that make use of this design feature.

2017 bedroom trends
Yet another copious bed design in gray tones featuring an upholstered bed with a chesterfield pattern and golden tones provided by the lapiaz nightstand. Suspension lighting is used for symmetry purposes.

2017 bedroom trends
Clean shaped upholstered bed design in a bedroom dominated by beige and gray tones with the final golden touch from the Crochet Nightstand. The worn rug also provides a contrast with the overall feel of the design.

2017 Bedroom trendsImponent shapes on this modern upholstered bedhead featuring the Wave Nightstand

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2017 Bedroom trends
Harmonious design where the colorful rug and furniture details contrast with the white bedhead design.

2017 Bedroom trends
Modern angular shapes on this upholstered bedhead design for the modern master bedroom.

Beautiful upholstered bed in warm beige tones that mix with the wooden touch of the bedroom.

Pure upholstered bed design where the white tones dominate the overall master bedroom design.

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