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15 Astonishing Cabinets for Lavish Master Bedrooms

A staple of power and opulence, cabinets were some of the most overly worked pieces in the history, and more specifically master bedroom furniture. They were made to impress, and the more ornate and complicated the design, the better. Some were refined, some were way over the top, some served a purpose, others were just a work of art ready to be displayed to the world. In room design, they tell the history of the rise of the bourgeoisie who had both the money to spend and the need to affirm their wealth.

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Today we’ll be going through some of the most inspiring antique cabinets and show how they’ve influenced design and inspired some modern pieces. Let’s start with the older ones first:

10 Antique Cabinets:

A rare Spanish iron-mounted bone inlaid painted and parcel-gilt walnut vargueño on stand
mid 17th century. Via Sothebys.

Florentine Ebonized Ivory Florentine Cabinet

Early 18th century Regency Period Cabinet

Early 17th Century Florentine Badminton Cabinet

17th Century Japanese Lacquered Cabinet

master bedroom
17th Century Louis XIV Marquetry Table

Late 17th Century Pierced Tortoise Shell Cabinet

Early 18th Century Red Lacquer Cabinet Attributed to James Moore

Napolitan 15th Century The Onians Cabinet Attributed to Jacobus Fiamengo

A fine South German Gilt-Bronze Mounted Walnut Marquetry and Engraved Secrétaire

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5 Modern Cabinets:

Victoria Cabinet

Dom Heritage Cabinet

D. Manuel Cabinet

Mondrian Bar

Orion Cabinet

And that’s it for today! Hope you’ve enjoyed our tour through some of the most lavish cabinets to ever be placed at a master bedroom. If you want to see more from us, follow us on Pinterest and Facebook.

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