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The Art of Leaf Gilding Behind Boca do Lobo’s Exclusive Design

Luxury brand Boca do Lobo creates pieces through the mastery of many ancient skills, an heritage of the portuguese tradition. Its aim is to elevate design and craftsmanship and so far Boca do Lobo has accomplished its goal. Today Master Bedroom Ideas is here to tell you about leaf gilding, a technique to apply gold leaf with precision, often used on Boca do Lobo’s exclusive design.

The Art of Leaf Gilding Behind Boca do Lobo’s Exclusive Design

The Art of Leaf Gilding Behind Boca do Lobo’s Exclusive Design

From the land of iconic arts, the leaf gilding is one of the most treasurable and richest crafts techniques. The application of a thin layer of gold, silver or copper, has been a process of ornamental decoration used on different materials and surfaces, such as statues, luxury furniture or even pictures frames. In fact, Gustav Klimt paintings are one of the most celebrated illustrations invoking this technique to achieve Renaissance luminosity due to its astonishing look.

The Art of Leaf Gilding Behind Boca do Lobo’s Exclusive Design

The tradition of working with noble materials is part of our DNA. The traditional water gilding is the most difficult way but it remains unchanged for hundreds of years, and it is still done by hand in our studio.

The gold leaf is available in a wide variety of karats and shades and different techniques can be chosen. Architecture is also one of the creative fields that rely on leaf ’s rich look on buildings and design components, evoking unique moments of rare opulence.

Boca do Lobo have always paid tribute to this ancient technique and different leafs can be unveiled in several luxury furniture pieces along the collection like the imposing Gold screen. Layer by layer, this is a time consuming and very detailed technique but at the end, the texture, depth, and richness are truly worthy.

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Apollo is the most important Olympian God in ancient Greek, recognized as the god of light and sun. Apollo names this generously sized wall mirror featuring a highly decorative starburst shape, enhancing any home environment. The exterior frame, made from solid oak wood or mahogany and available in two finishes (silver or gold leaf), is composed of numerous sticks that lead to additional mirrors.

The Diamond nightstand features a drawer and a gold leaf interior. The exterior of this fanciful piece is now presented in silver leaf finished with a luxurious shade of translucent black with high gloss varnish. The base is made from mahogany lined with a bronze mirror.

The Lapiaz Nightstand contains two drawers, finished with poplar root wood and two shelves finished with smoked glass. It is inspired on the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite and gypsum, presenting the idea that luxury and lust shall keep flowing. It is an elegant piece for your bedroom design, adds sophistication and brightness.

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