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5 Astute Guest Room Essentials that Improve Any Master Bedroom

There are so many secrets to creating a welcoming and cozy place for guests that it can be hard to take the best decisions and to make sure that no detail hasn’t been forgotten. Inviting overnight guests to your home is one thing. Actually making them feel welcome during their stay is another thing altogether. See these 5 astute guest room essentials that will improve your master bedroom and create special interiors for your guests.


Thoughtful touches and small details can go a long way toward making your guest feel comfortable. So the next time you throw open the doors to your casa for a friend or family member, go the extra mile to make they stay a pleasant one.

A small chalkboard hanging on the wall or placed on the nightstand is the perfect way to make sure your guests know the WiFi password so they don’t have to repeatedly ask for it. Since virtually everyone needs to be connected these days, this is a thoughtful touch to any guest room.


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Fill this glass water carafe with water and place alongside the tumbler on the nightstand in your guest room. A small but simple touch that is sure to make guests feel welcome.

5 Astute Guest Room Essentials that Improve Any Master Bedroom

Beautifully bound books will not only look great on display in your guest room but will be a welcome find for visitors who have forgotten their book at home or are looking to dive into something new.

5 Astute Guest Room Essentials that Improve Any Master Bedroom

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In case of chilly nights, make sure your guests are warm enough.


No one likes living out of a suitcase so make sure there are hangers in the closet so your guests can unpack and hang up their clothes.


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