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10 Beach Style Bedrooms with a Grain of Salt

Today we’re all about the beach, beach style bedrooms in particular. Also known as Coastal style, this interior design style doesn’t try to make a statement, using washed and muted tones that are mixed with natural elements that complement the interior. Some tricks to achieve this look are muted greens and blues, gray timber tones, indoor plants and luminous spaces. Stay with us as we discover 10 Beach Style Bedrooms with a Grain of Salt

A quintessential example of beach style bedrooms, this beach style master bedroom by Kemble Interiors features all the points on the to-do list of a beach style bedroom, with a pair of seductive armchairs.

Beautiful pure white bedroom design by Jan Showers that’s both charming and sublime, with the beautiful hat over the bedroom bench making even more alluring.

Another white beach style bedroom that’s simply gorgeous. Exquisite turquoise tables meet a geometric wallpaper pattern and table lamps with a glimpse of gold that joins two indoor plants on this contemporary design.

A fine beach style bedroom that doesn’t miss the coastal-inspired chairs, neutral washed out tones and a gorgeous pair of mid-century wall lamps over two sleek bedside tables.

Charming bedroom in beach style where white and wooden tones blend together and the only color pop is the indoor plant.

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Beautiful bedroom design in white and blue with a stupendous starburst mirror and naval chandelier.

Sleek master bedroom design in beach style with a bedroom bench that’s used as a display, plus some nautical themes here and there on the furniture and two chromed table lamps.

A charming design with reddish earthy tones under a canopy bed.

Sleek coastal bedroom design with a beautiful reappropriated wood bed and wall, mid-century chair and a pair of bohemian table lamps.

beach styleCharming beach style interior of a yacht, a place that is its own beach. Perfect symmetry, gorgeous white rug and a charming velvet sofa in muted blue complete the look.

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