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10 Bed Designs That Will Float in Your Master Bedroom

Over the last few years, platform beds have become ubiquitous in Master Bedroom Interior Design, as they provide a modern, contemporary feeling while being whimsical and almost magic. Today we at Master Bedroom Ideas Blog will be touring some of the most edgy platform beds there are. Let’s take a look.

master bedroom collection by boca do lobo

Simple, clean design where geometric shapes blend together with this platform bed design for an ultra-modern master bedroom look.

A more classical approach to the use of suspension beds, with strong presence of wooden accents that blend in with modern art in a mixture of classic and contemporary.

Deep contrast between the minimalist elements and the maximalist textiles as seen on the rug and bed. Overall a great modern master bedroom look.

Edgy, sleek black and white bedroom design where everything fits perfectly and is orderly placed. The harmony between the platform bed and crystal chandelier takes this master bedroom design to the next level. Gallery material.

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Another example of less is less in master bedroom design. Here, the layout defines the bedroom as a place for rest, sleep and nothing else.

All the elements in this master bedroom design work together in perfect geometric order. The simplicity of the suspension bed is enhanced by the wooden walls and furniture for a sleek, flawless design.

A delightful composition where one side of the bedroom is dominated by gray tones while flirtatious Mondrian-like furniture takes care of the other one. Great example of contrasts working together.

Less ambitious yet accomplished practical design where gray tones and light wooden accents make their appearance again.

Let’s finish with one of the best designs we could find. Note the rug placement on this scenery to contrast with the overall super-orderly fleeing of this room design.

That’s it for today. We’ll be back tomorrow with more bedroom inspirations for you to enjoy. Be inspired!

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