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Bedroom Design Trends To Watch In 2019

The year 2019 is around the corner. If you plan to renovate your bedroom, don’t forget to check the top design trends and the guidelines of the top interior designers and industry tastemakers. Blush and pastel colors, bespoke furniture, art deco, metalwork are among the major trends 2019.

Blushed colors are perfect for bedroom decoration as they bring peace and calmness to your favorite room guaranteeing the utter relaxation when you are sleeping. At the same time, they are well combined with bold colors if you decide to add peculiarity to your space.

It is a trend that contemporary bedroom furniture is customized or bespoke. People are chasing handmade or hand-crafted furniture with the desire to have the item produced specially for them. Such personalized gifts can become a part of your master bedroom ideas.

Bedroom Design Trends To Watch In 2019

Skyscraper lamp by Boca do Lobo. Limited Edition

Art deco stays in fashion. The style tends to influence furniture silhouettes, especially headboards of the beds, as well as inspire bedroom decor ideas.

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Design Crafting Boca do Lobo

Metals will be more popular than ever: brass, gold, blackened metals – all these precious elements will be used to design timeless furniture and exquisite art objects for your master bedroom.

Bedroom Design Trends To Watch In 2019

Next year, embrace a curvy design aesthetic. A curvy nightstand is a chic way to bring the curvy trend into your home.

Sinuous nightstand by Boca do Lobo


Geometric patterns and asymmetrical shapes is another way to update your bedroom.
Pixel nightstand by Boca do Lobo
The beauty of imperfection and asymmetry will highlight the perfection of your bedroom decor.
Bedroom Design Trends To Watch In 2019
These design trends will keep you trendy in 2019 and bring a modern lifestyle into your most cherished corner.
Source: Elle Decor
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