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Bedroom Designs by Top Interior Designers: Katharine Pooley

Today we’ll be taking a look at some bedroom designs by the best in the business, and British interior designer Katharine Pooley deserves much respect as the designer for the rich and famous of London. With a keen eye and flawless aesthetic, let’s take a look at Bedroom Designs by Top Interior Designers: Katharine Pooley

A gorgeous contemporary bedroom design with a stunning headboard and beautiful placement of sofas and lighting.

A charming grey bedroom design with beautiful bedroom benches and an aura of elegance.

Luxury bedroom with a comfortable sitting area and a beautiful golden headboard with a square pattern.

An elegant bedroom design by Katharine Pooley with the oversized square headboard and a black and gold nightstand, plus two charming white table lamps.

Elegant, luxurious, charming bedroom with a beautiful grey sofa.

Navy blue with a touch of white and beautiful pillow placement on this double bedroom by Katharine Pooley.

An elegant and luxurious master bedroom design with a touch of grey and beautiful contemporary furniture.

A charming pink bedroom with a touch of white and a gorgeous upholstered detail hanging from the ceiling.

Charming and luxurious grey bedroom design that looks absolutely sleek.

bedroom design
A gorgeous kids bedroom in white and blue.

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