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Bedroom Designs by Top Interior Designers: Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen is one of the most celebrated interior designers alive, with hundreds of projects that range from A-List celebrities to gargantuan commercial enterprises. Born in South Africa, by 16 she was given the opportunity to design a kitchen for a family friend, and she never looked back. Her signature style is characterized by the use of taupe and beige. Today at Master Bedroom Ideas we’ll be looking into some of the bedroom designs by Kelly Hoppen, one of the top interior designers alive.

master bedroom design
Opulent and restrained, this black, white and gray bedroom summarizes Kelly Hoppen’s style, with the use of taupe, upholstered bedhead and a glimpse of golden on the frame of the painting.

Clean gray master bedroom design in Kelly Hoppen’s signature style. Very elegant, very chic.

On this Swiss Chalet project, we can see the same curtain pattern and the prevalence of taupe. The pink on the bedhead is just gorgeous.

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Flawless. The bed design and the way every single item is placed distinguishes this design from many others in this style.

Clean as the ridden snow, there’s a single stripe of color on a pure white master bedroom design by Kelly Hoppen.

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Gorgeous gray master bedroom with beautiful slim curtains and a gorgeous rug over a black lacquered floor.

Beautiful bed detail on this Kelly Hoppen bedroom design.

Let’s finish with this sleek bedroom design in grey with a splendid modern side table combo serving as nightstands.

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