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Bedroom Designs By Top Interior Designers: Robert Couturier

Robert Couturier is a legend in the interior design world. Featured countless times on AD’s top 100 interior designers, Elle Decor’s top 60 designers and one of the top 10 foreign decorators and architectural design firms by British magazine House & Garden and his projects are among the most coveted in the whole world. Couturier believes décor should be, above all, appropriate to the architecture, serving and enhancing instead of making use of it. Today at Master Bedroom Ideas we continue with our segment of Bedroom Designs by Top Interior Designers with some inspiring bedrooms by Robert Couturier.

Gorgeous blue bedroom design with mid-century furniture combining with the building itself. One of the trademarks of Robert Couturier.

Gorgeous bohemian bedroom design with stunning antique armoire and beautiful golden wall lamp reminding of a piece of vintage industrial machinery.

Whimsical master bedroom with a flowery pattern on the draped bed textiles. An antique armoire stares at the room from the back like if it’s nothing to do with it, which is quite charming.

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Charming neutral bedroom design by Robert Couturier where light and a sitting area dominate half of this spacious master bedroom.

Another charming neutral bedroom design with an exquisite furry blanket, white velvet bedhead, and beautiful metallic armoire.

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Stunning. Simply stunning. Every detail is where it should be, every single element works together in perfect harmony to create an inspiring bedroom environment. Robert Couturier at his best.

A more modern approach from Robert Couturier to bedroom design. Here we see mid-century seating, a gorgeous bedhead and a slight touch of purple.

bedroom design robert couturier
Charming bedroom design in white and pink by Robert Couturier that shows his versatility, as he’s capable of both classical designs and stunning modern décor.

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