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Bedroom Designs by Top Interior Designers: Sasha Bikoff

Today at Master Bedroom Ideas we’ll be looking at the magnificent bedroom designs of Sasha Bikoff, an interior designer who founded her firm while she runs two boutique stores of vintage furniture she reupholstered herself with textiles from brands like Dolce & Gabanna or Oscar De La Renta. Her interiors are modern, making use of layers, textures and vivid tones that are joined by elegant furniture that makes a room shine while mixing contemporary art. Take a look at some of her best bedroom designs with Bedroom Designs by Top Interior Designers: Sasha Bikoff

Let’s get started with a fresh blue bedroom design, with a gorgeous maritime wallpaper that looks absolutely stunning with the mirrored nightstands and mermaid table lamps.

On this bedroom design, a gorgeous side table and a rocky wallpaper in neutral tones make for a beautiful organic design in white and cream.

A charming blue attic bedroom with white and blue tones, comfortable bedroom bench and a pair of beach-like chair.

Simple design with a beautiful tropical wallpaper.

A gorgeous sunset bedroom where orange and black colors make up for the overall simplicity, adding a special touch.

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Another exercise in extreme simplicity, where a gorgeous bed, a beach-toned rug and a swordfish hanging on the wall make this special.

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Whimsical bedroom where floral tones meet a puffy rug, a vintage turquoise nightstand and beautiful crystal chandelier.

Simple and charming, this bedroom design draws all the attention to the sea-side wallpaper and a nightstand that seems to have been picked from the beach.

A beautiful eclectic bedroom design that features a gorgeous antique armchair, a fur rug and a charming nightstand.

Sasha Bikoff at her best, in a charming bedroom in white, blue and cream with a dark hardwood floor and a couple of elegant white armchairs.

Colorful bedroom design with a contemporary art feel to it in the form of colors and black textiles.

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