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Bedroom Designs By The Talented Dorothée Meilichzon

Known for its refined and classy design, Paris is the ultimate destination for bedroom designs and home interior design. Maintaining the country’s reputation the renown Dorothée Melichzon is a qualified interior designer, aiming at offering the best design to its fans.

Before introducing the most remarkable work of this French interior designer, let me present to you the king of creativity in Boca Do Lobo. The pixel nightstand by Boca Do Lobo is a handmade piece to decorate your bedroom with the trendiest furniture.

bedroom designs

French interior design is noticeable by it’s refined and elegant exclusive furniture that combines traditional, ancient style with art and design.

bedroom designs

Dorothée Meilichzon pays a special attention to the details and is known for her flawless work that results in a striking bedroom decoration. This lamp and holder illustrate the elegance in the style of the design and the gracefulness of the shape.

bedroom designs

A modern armchair to decorate the bedroom interior with outstanding furniture that will fascinate visitors and reveal the beauty of the French interior design.

bedroom designs

This bedroom hotel is located in Paris and designed by the talented Dorothée Meilichzon. A fascinating room décor to welcome visitors from around the world within a Parisian design.

bedroom designs

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A maritime choice of colors for an exquisite bedroom decoration made of exclusive furniture. Explore the various items of this bedroom, colors, and room décor

bedroom designs

Paris is known for its small room décor, exceptionally made for combining both luxury and autonomy. Most of the time, the bedroom decoration is a merge of art and design, both into one tiny space.

Dorotheé Meilichzon has the tendency to prefer grace bedroom designs that are at the same time outstanding and sophisticated. The pink choice of the armchair with the bronze lamp is a tendency to combine colors and elegant bedroom furniture.

The result is a luxurious and prestigious environment where you can enjoy a modern atmosphere for your bedroom decoration.

We leave you with this bedroom decoration by Dorothée Meilichzon in London. A modern match of colors for a refined and impressive French interior design.

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