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Bedroom Inspiration for Mid Century Modern Homes

One of the defining trends for 2017 are mid-century modern homes, and nowadays this design style can be seen everywhere. As the mid 50’s produced some of the best pieces of furniture design ever seen, it comes as no surprise that its clean lines, minimalist silhouettes and natural shapes to be imitated continuously to this day. Most of these features can be seen to this day in modern master bedroom decor, so let’s go together through some Bedroom Inspiration for Mid Century Modern Homes.

Absolutely beautiful master bedroom design with gorgeous mid-century modern furniture defining the whole composition. A beautiful antique rug and blue textiles finish this stunning look.

mid century modern home decor
On this master bedroom we can see some of the major influences of mid century modern home decor on the shapes of the simple and beautiful side table, the sleek armchair and the wall lamps. The bookcases provide the last touch to a beautiful interior design.

Absolutely stunning brown bedroom design with a beautiful blanket and stunning floor lamp.

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mid century modern home decor
Exceptional mid century modern home with beautiful wooden furniture and a beautiful view right to the pool. The table lamps are the real stunner here, looking loquacious with straight crossed lines.

mid century modern home
Gorgeous blue bedroom design with a wonderful white mid-century chair and a sleek pendant lamp.

What about a pink bedroom to lighten up the mood? This gorgeous design is perfect with the golden mid-century chandelier and pink armchair, that blend in with the fur coat that just so happens to be there.

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Simple, colorful, beautiful bedroom at a mid-century modern style residence in Ohio. Gorgeous pendant lamps and a beautiful floor texture complete the look.

Look at that armchair. Look at the lighting. Mid-century modern home decor is alive and well.

Let’s finish with this beautiful exercise in simplicity.

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