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Bedroom Interior Designs by Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is an American product and interior designer who provokes and amazes with every her project created, which include hospitality, residential, retail, and commercial environments. Kelly’s aim is to stimulate the sensory experience through her design approach: an exploration of color, materials, and forms. Moreover, the combination of architecture and nature, as well as contemporary details and vintage, simply blows the mind. This is especially visible in her bedroom interior designs that can be considered as central places in apartments and houses.

Kelly is also an author of 4 books about design. Additionally, she is included in many top interior designer lists – a fact that describes her as a highly experienced, skillful, and talented master. Let’s see some of her best bedroom interior projects! Maybe, some of them will inspire you for new ideas.


bedroom interior

Interesting patterns on the walls are some of the features of Kelly’s designs – they exist in many of her projects. And they achieve the goal of capturing attention and inspiring very easily. They send you into a state of mesmerism as they are truly magical. Contemporary furniture completes the total look of the bedroom interior, making it finalized and perfect.


bedroom interior

Do you prefer some dramatic colors and forms? Then you will definitely admire this bedroom interiorLuxury furniture, ambient lighting, and sophisticated dark tones – everything in this room will make you feel like living in a palace.


We are totally in love with this bedroom interior! Created for a residence in California, this design celebrates the love for art and sculpture. The room’s color palette, creative home decor ideas such as lamps and paintings, and futuristic furniture emphasize the happy mood and fresh spirit of it.


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lapiaz center table


If you are looking for something with a rather classic style, this bedroom interior can serve as an inspiration for you.


Do not be scared to mix patterns, just like it is done in this master bedroom design. It looks fresh and appealing, doesn’t it? A modern nightstand and even more contemporary bed combined with these creative walls and floor create an atmosphere of an art gallery.


We do not know how Kelly succeeds to combine so many different textures, colors, and styles, and still not overload the bedroom interior but make it just ideal. Well, this is what talent is called!


Blue color has always been a symbol of quiet and peace. Here, this conception is slightly adjusted as you feel amazement, love, happiness, and wonder – so many different feelings are caused by this interior.


Modern design that honors art can be traced in this bedroom interior. Calm tones and round forms relax the mood, while sharp lines add a strong character to this place.


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