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Bedroom Interior Designs by Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is a leading design studio that works under the creative leadership of the interior designer Marcel Wanders. He has his own contemporary language that can be traced in his projects. By using a rather romantic and humanistic approach, his creations excite everyone with the poetry and fantasy behind them. Today we have chosen the best bedroom interior designs by Marcel, either made for a hotel or a private residence. Maybe, you will find some inspiration for your master bedroom ideas as well!


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Casa Son Vida bedroom interior

Sophistication is breathed into these bedrooms in a Mediterranean villa. Curved corners meet classic straight lines to eventually provide a mix of styles and characters. It is great how modern furniture from well-known brands finalizes the whole look and creates a feeling of perfection.


Mondrian Doha hotel

Authentic and unique, this bedroom interior is made for a five-star destination in Qatar. The ambiance of this already elegant and interesting design is intensified through local patterns on the walls. In order not to drag attention away from the art, the author went for calm light tones of the furniture. This perfect balance of simplicity and bright accents will inspire you for creative thoughts.


bedroom interior

Kameha Grand Zurich hotel

Another five-star hotel that is granted an interior design from Marcel Wanders is Kameha Grand Zurich hotel. The walls and doors of this room resemble both chocolate bars and bank vaults to celebrate the richness of Switzerland’s heritage.


Mira Moon hotel

Remarkably feminine interior in a rather masculinity dominated region is what distinguishes this hotel from others. Contemporary design combined with antique Chinese prints and fabrics provides a splash of feelings inside you.


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Grand Hotel Portals Nous

In order to create a flow of openness, most of the bedroom interior designs in this hotel use light objects such as white nightstand that matches other furniture pieces as well as smooth reflective surfaces.


Mondrian South Beach hotel

Chic and stylish is how we can describe this bedroom interior. Different patterns that do not repeat on the carpets and walls give a sense of disorder to a rather classic design.


Taipei Residence bedroom interior

Richly designed, this room will refresh your idea of the bedroom interiorWhite furniture, interesting bedside lamps, and unusual textures on the walls – all aspects of it impress and amaze.


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