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Bedroom Mirror Designs For Your Home Décor Ideas

Decor plays a crucial role in the general atmosphere of your bedroom. Therefore, it is important to pay careful attention to what pieces you decide to incorporate in the bedroom interior. We would like to help you with this difficult choice by reviewing some of the best modern bedroom mirror designs out there.


Bedroom mirror by Lee Broom

Order can be boring sometimes. Do not be afraid to go beyond like for instance, the furniture brand Lee Broom has done in this mirror. A slice was shifted from its original position creating an interesting detail.


Full-length mirrors by Bonaldo

Design of these mirrors was inspired by the seam stitch that can usually be found on the edge of the fabric. This stitch also allows to play with color on this modern mirror and thus, easily match it with other furniture pieces.


Bedroom mirror by Boca do Lobo

bedroom mirror

This eye-catching Apollo wall mirror is the essence of style and will certainly enhance the elegance of your interior. Its frame is coated in gold leaf and composed of numerous sticks that lead to additional smaller mirrors. We would definitely recommend adding such a mirror to your home décor ideas!


Mirrors by Fredrikson Stallard

Creative and unique, Fredrikson Stallard’s mirrors will beautify any master bedroom design. For instance, a set of three mirrors with notched frames remind of the irregular outlines of an island – definitely not a common shape for a mirror.


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Floor mirror by Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis designed a family of hand-drawn mirrors that have a hue of color to them. Form and color create an exciting game that slightly adjusts reflection. They will surely become a nice touch to your bedroom interior.


Bedroom mirrors by De Castelli

The set of mirrors is always a great idea as it allows you to organize various arrangements with few or all of them. Moreover, the contemporary design of this specific collection by De Castelli is another advantage that should convince you to pay attention to it.


Bedroom mirror by La Chance

This mirror proudly stands like a statue. Its massive marble pedestal shape contrasts well with a thin metal frame to eventually present an interesting piece.


Bedroom mirror by Ligne Roset

A very attractive walnut mirror will be a breath of nature in your bedroom.


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