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Bedroom Rugs With A Lush Feel Underfoot

Sober, distinctive and captivating character. These are the three characteristics your bedroom rugs must have. From a scene-stealing splash of colour and pattern to simple harmonious textures, take a look at bedroom rugs that Master Bedroom Ideas Blog selected to you and fall in love by these amazing masterpieces with a lush feel underfoot. Every elegant bedroom needs creative rugs…

More than just rugs, they are symbols of strong emotions, handcraft work and devotion to living.

1. Sistine Rug by Boca do Lobo

A tribute to Michael Angelo and his works of art, the Sistine rug, reinterprets his aesthetic and style according to the cosmopolitan and vibrant lifestyle of the twenty-first century. The paintings in the Sistine Chapel are an undeniable reference for art connoisseurs and Boca do Lobo Sistine Rug is one of the most emblematic rugs of this design company.

Bedroom Rugs With A Lush Feel Underfoot

2. Carytical Rug by Boca do Lobo

For luxury bedrooms and for those who love sculptural and timeless art, the Carytical Rug designed by Boca do Lobo it’s all you were looking for.  Inspired by the Roman carytical and the duomo’s oculus, this enchanting rug breathes stories that remain in time.  An authentic art piece straight to your big bedroom,.

Bedroom Rugs With A Lush Feel Underfoot

3. Poseidon Rug by Boca do Lobo

God of bedroom interiors, Poseidon Rug was created by Boca do Lobo as an homage to the Greek mythology character Poseidon, god of the seas. Perfect for the most daring environments, this rug takes us back to ancient Greece, with the mixture of shapes and patterns standing out in alluring shades of brown.

Bedroom Rugs With A Lush Feel Underfoot

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4. Etna Rug by Brabbu

The Etna Rug designed by Brabbu has all that angry that the volcanos have. Inspired by the European volcano – Etna -, this amazing bedroom rug erupted the best of rugs culture: it was created with all the patience and attention and luxurious rugs needs.  Different neutral tones are combined with slight notes of light blue in irregular shapes.

5. Gobi Rug by Brabbu

Once again, this extraordinary rug designed by Brabbu fits either master bedroom sets and contemporary living rooms. His dark grey and sandy tones, applied in irregular but incisive shapes, makes a statement: luxury bedrooms evokes life, movement and strength.

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6. Yupik Rugg by Brabbu

Inspired by a way of life of an indigenous group, the Yupik rug represent the travel to search for food and the resistance to cold weather of this people.

Bedroom Rugs With A Lush Feel Underfoot

What do you think about this amazing bedroom rugs? Share your opinion with us!

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