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Bedrooms by Top Interior Designers: Alberto Pinto

As we come close to another week, it’s time for our weekly tour through some of the most innovative interior designers with our segment Bedrooms by Top Interior Designers, and this time we’ll be focusing on the work by the late Alberto Pinto (1943-2012), a Morroco-born photographer and interior designer with Argentinian parents whose work as heavily requested by jet and yacht owners, hotels and many other luxury projects. Today we’ll be celebrating some of the best master bedroom interiors by Alberto and his agency, whose work has been recognized in the new Top 100 Interior Designers Magazine by Boca do Lobo and Coveted Magazine and whose firm lives on under his sister, Linda Pinto.

master bedrooms top interior designers alberto pinto

master bedrooms by top interior designers
This New York apartment interior is classic Alberto Pinto. An exquisite mixture of elements and details with bright walnut wood and a gorgeous brass statue make this a memorable master bedroom.

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Another classic Alberto Pinto master bedroom, mixing beautiful floral textiles with a spectacular chandelier and beautiful table lamps for a cohesive, exquisite interior.

In this Rio de Janeiro residence, Alberto’s agency mixes old and new, with an antique cabinet that contrasts with the exotic pattern on the textile and state of the art table lamp.

Clean, tidy and yet refined, this master bedroom represents yet another style.  The dark wooden furniture is highlighted by the overall cleanness of the bedroom, and who wouldn’t love a pineapple table lamp like that? I know I would.

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A whimsical, light bedroom where the clean tones aren’t disturbed by anything colorful. Very serene, very pretty.

Well, we also had to display some of his yacht work. The design is simple yet modern with only two pieces, a modern bed and stunning rug combo. After all, it only takes two to start a party.

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