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Bedrooms by Top Interior Designers: Jamie Drake

Today we’ll continue with our weekly Thursday segment of Bedrooms by Top Interior Designers with Jamie Drake. Jamie Drake is one of the best interior designers in New York city, which is the same as saying he’s one of the best in the world. His clients include businessman and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and stars like Madonna. Today we’ll be celebrating the work of this top interior designer with a selection of his master bedroom interior designs.

Jamie drake bedroom inspiration top interior designers master bedroom decor ideas
A gorgeous master bedroom design by Jamie Drake where the dark and light tones combine and center around this yellow bedroom with beautiful teal cushions. Very beautiful and harmonious despite all the contrasts.

Jamie drake bedroom inspiration top interior designers master bedroom decor ideas

Jamie Drake grey bedroom design ideas for master bedroom decor
A more opulent approach to Jamie Drake’s master bedroom design, where an all-grey bedroom with classic curtains, bed and chandelier meet more modern pieces. This combination of new and classical is his signature style.

Yellow Yellow Yellow! Toasted, please! This monochromatic bedroom design manages to overuse a non-basic color without the heavy feel that comes from it.

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These next three bedrooms all belong to the same Apartment in Manhattan. The designs seem more modern with the use of metallic textiles and light pink tones that provide a space-age feel to it.

This design is a lot of fun. Colorful, light-hearted and vivid, it makes use of bright colors for maximum unpretentiousness, and the pool details on the bed are the cherry on top of the cake. Overall an exquisite master bedroom design.

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And the fun goes on! There is a lot of humor in this bedroom design by Jamie Drake. Notice the dotted rug, the metallic pillows and above all, the serious portrait on the wall that with this setting conveys the opposite image.

We’ll finish this round-up of Jamie Drake’s designs with total orange madness on this pretty hotel bedroom design with stripy wallpaper and a modern chair and desk combo. Simplicity can be fun too.

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