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Bedside Lamp Ideas that You Will Love

In order to create a pleasant ambiance in your master bedroom, you should carefully choose lighting ideas to use. Bedside lamps are especially important in the overall bedroom interior and thus, should be paid the most attention to. Let’s see some bedside lamp ideas with the contemporary design that will inspire you!

Bedside table lamp ideas

The transparent element of this bedside lamp adds some lightness to it and makes it a modern design piece.

If you want to have some futuristic spirit in your bedroom interior, consider these simple yet stylish bedside table lamps. The geometric forms create order and draw some interesting shapes in the bedroom space.

Made by a popular furniture brand Tom Dixon, this luxury golden lamp will be catching sight of all your guests.

The sinuous shape is something that amazes and inspires in this bedside lamp. By resembling a tree or mushroom, it also adds some breath of nature into the place. Be sure to add it to your bedroom décor ideas!

Similar to the previous two lamps, this piece also strikes with its contemporary design. The impression is even further improved by the item’s smooth shining surface.

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lapiaz center table

Bedside wall lamps

bedside lamp

Sophisticated and creative, this bedside lamp perfectly matches the modern nightstand. Elements of different tone and size add some relaxed mood to this rather strict interior.

For minimalistic style admirers, this bedside lamp will be a perfect option. Small size, regular shape, and nothing extra – a great combination for a simple and classic design.

bedside lamp

Three parts that compose this lamp create a feeling of 3D volume. It fills the space immediately and will surely become a centerpiece in any bedroom design.

This is one of the most exquisite and delicate lamps we have ever seen! You will love its elegance and the light feeling it conveys.

Suspension bedside lamp

It might seem that this suspension lamp is too simple in appearance. However, when you observe it closely, you will notice the complexity and creativity of its design. It is certainly worth your attention!

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