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Best Ideas for Romantic Master Bedrooms

It should come as a surprise that while red is often associated with love, in master bedroom design it can be considered a libido killer, while caramel tones were considered the most engaging for romantic activities. When it comes to Romantic Master Bedrooms, there are some key factors to be considered and light, color and temperature are of the utmost importance, for every person has its own profile and you want to cast yourself in the best light.

If the focus is romance, you may want to remove any cellphones, computers or other electronic devices, there’s nothing worse than someone who’s too busy checking their phone or computer all the time. Attention to detail is paramount, so while you can’t ignore the bed, it’s all about not disregarding every other fabric in the room, with special emphasis on curtains.

Now that we get the basics, the only limit is your imagination, as romance isn’t a static concept and varies widely from person to person. That being said, let’s take a look at some romantic bedroom inspirations to melt your special one’s heart.

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master bedroom
master bedrooms

Boca do Lobo‘s Room at Hotel Infante Sagres featuring the Carved Stool

While the words go hand in hand, one should not confuse a sexy master bedroom with a romantic bedroom, so some of the sexy tricks like candles, bold items and bright colors should be avoided. Remember though that tissue can be very sexy, so use draping at will for that enchanting fantasy look.

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That’s it for today! We’ll be back tomorrow with more master bedroom design inspirations for you to enjoy! But while you’re here…

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