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Best Lighting Ideas for Your Modern Bedroom

Pleasant ambiance in the bedroom plays a vital role in your overall comfort, and lighting is one of the significant aspects of it. Lamps you choose can either finalize the bedroom interior and make it perfect or simply convey the wrong mood and spoil everything. Therefore, here are some lighting ideas for you to take into consideration when designing your modern bedroom.


Suspension lamps for your lighting ideas

Mix the colors and shapes to achieve maximum creativity in the interior design of your bedroom. By hanging the suspension lamps on different height, you visually draw interesting irregular lines in the room space.


lighting ideas

Such an artistic lamp should definitely be added to your home decor ideas. The shapes that resemble old candles clash with the modern circular structure. It makes a mixture of styles that is worth your attention!


lighting ideas

Do not let your contemporary furniture stay lonely – combine it with modern lighting ideas such as these lamps.


Wall lamps

lighting ideas

This unique luxury piece by Boca do Lobo can be a wonderful finishing touch to your interior design. You can either put up other lamps as well or just keep it as an independent piece.



lighting ideas

If you want to feel a street style atmosphere and somehow transfer bright city lights to your room, consider neon signs. Those can be of various shapes, color, and types – from short motivational phrases to grand art decor.


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Combine your lighting ideas

Futuristic suspension and nightstand lamps look fantastic with a king size bed.


Use various kinds of lamps from the same collection to have an integral design. For example, these Clizia pieces by Slamp look like small clouds and thus, will add a sense of lightness and elegance to your bedroom.


Different suspension lamps for different purposes – what a practical and nice approach!


Light on walls

Why do you need lamps if you can make the whole wall become bright and shiny? These examples show how simple yet contemporary lighting ideas can improve your whole room. Do not be scared to try this out!


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