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Best Luxury Hotel Suites in France

France is famous for its sophisticated and luxurious hotels where everyone would like to stay for at least one night. Today we would like to review some of the best luxury hotel suites there. Let’s see what design solutions that could also be inspiring for your bedroom interior are applied in those suites.


Ritz Paris luxury hotel

luxury hotel

Light and somewhere barely visible mixed patterns on the furniture, walls, and floor, as well as golden details in this master bedroom design, create a great sense of sophistication. If you want to feel like living in a palace room for a few nights, this hotel suite will be the best option for it.


Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, a Four Seasons Hotel

Calm and soft in character, this hotel suite warmly welcomes you from the very first step you make. A great amount of natural light breathes freshness inside – a feeling that is also intensified by light green furniture, modern nightstand, and white interior. Thanks to this, you will always wake up cheerful and energetic here.


Shangri-La luxury hotel in Paris

Shangri-La is a five-star hotel that has rooms with wonderful views of the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine – views that you will fall in love with! Combined with luxury furniture and interesting decor objects, the magnificent views make this destination one of the best in France.


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Le Bristol Paris luxury hotel

We are completely fascinated by a color palette in this luxury hotel suite! There is something magical in its blue and beige tones that are repeated in different elements of the room.


Luxury hotel Vernet in Paris

Darker than all the other suite interiors reviewed, this room will be more suitable for those who love dramatic contrasting tones and a rather strong character of the place. The lighting here, especially bedside lamps, is a separate aspect that is worth your attention. The atmosphere that is created by the lamps is charming and fascinating.


Hotel Plaza Athénée

The red color is brave and provoking, and adding it in a bedroom interior can be a somewhat risky move. However, it looks perfect in this hotel suite. Furthermore, we absolutely love this black bedside table with golden top – a wonderful idea for your luxury bedroom furniture.


Hotel du Palais in Biarritz

Last but not least, the Du Palais luxury hotel in Biarritz is another example of how exquisite and splendid hotel suites can be.


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