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Suspension Lamps that Create Proper Ambience in Your Master Bedroom

The pleasant ambiance is of high importance in your bedroom interior, and we all know that. Lighting is one of the easiest and right ways to create that atmosphere of home and haven. Today we will review modern suspension lamps by some of the best lighting and furniture brands out there. We are sure you will love them!


Suspension lamps by Lindsey Adelman Studio

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Lindsey Adelman Studio was founded in 2006. Since then, the studio has been challenging the substance of light. They create shapes that maximize the effect of light and capture the beauty of nature. Indeed you can notice from their products that simple and almost always transparent forms add a hint of easiness. They seem to fill the emptiness in the master bedroom design that would exist otherwise.


Suspension lamps by Boca do Lobo

A Triptico suspension lamp by Boca do Lobo is composed of a set of three black pendant lights that can be adjusted. Dark brass shades and different decorative elements on top of them show the industrial visual appeal. The lamp is a timeless piece yet with contemporary design features, meaning that it should definitely be added to your list of lighting ideas.


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Suspension lamps by Fontana Arte

Fontana Arte has a rich history of creating real masterpieces. Their designs never fail to amaze and inspire. For instance, the Bolla lamps have an iridescent surface that clearly reminds of the soap bubbles – a fresh and interesting decision for bedroom lighting.

Every other example of the brand’s works gives a new perspective on how artfully and masterfully they approach lamp design.


Suspension lamps by Slamp

Dimple by Slamp is an innovative collection that combines rigor and minimalism of design to create a kaleidoscope that reveals colored reflections. Available in different tones, this lamp will be easy to match with your other modern furniture items.


Suspension lamps by Oluce

Each of Oluce’s lamps articulates a visual story that evokes emotions thanks to the lamps’ expressive power. The pieces’ elegance on one hand and the strong character on the other will inspire you greatly. Moreover, their design is universal enough to match with both modern and classic styles of master bedroom interiors.


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