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Sleek and Modern Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Black and White, like old movies, has an enchanting charm to it. The absolute contrast, good and evil, light and darkness. A pure Black and White Bedroom is an incredible sight, as the monochromatic pallet is a tough challenge to accomplish, although splashes of other colors can enhance the design.

Overall the use of dominant black and white tones in a master bedroom can be overwhelming, so today we at Master Bedroom Ideas Blog will help you with some black and white interior design ideas for you to become familiar with all the tricks needed to master this dynamic duo of master bedroom design.

black and white bedroom design

Black and White Bedroom Design

Black and White bedroom design

design black and white


If “less is more” is one of the most respected design rules, it’s especially important in black and white bedroom design since the more you add the harder it gets to accomplish the harmony needed between all the elements. Keep it simple, make use of straight lines, black textiles and keep the number of items to an absolute minimum, or else you may risk losing that charming feeling that comes with black and white simplicity.

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tower nightstand boca do loboTower Nightstand by Boca do Lobo

Since there aren’t many elements in black and white bedroom design, lighting becomes especially important. Pick some charming chandeliers and original wall lamps for they will be the element that stands out the most in your design, apart from the pallet. Be original!

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Wooden floors can be used to provide a glimmer of color into an otherwise bichromatic design. Make sure you don’t pick a floor with a strong wooden tone and you’re in the black!

That’s it for today, hope we’ve inspired you to pursue black and white interior design. See you tomorrow with more Master Bedroom ideas. Until then….

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