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7 Bohemian Style Bedroom Interiors

Bohemian bedrooms are a mix of different styles, colors, furniture pieces, ideas and textures. They are eclectic, modern and vintage! Especially vintage.  When you enter a Bohemian space, you notice a lot of things all at once which sometimes makes that one specific room feel like a gallery. You have to see these 7 Bohemian Style Bedroom interiors that Master Bedroom Ideas Blog selected for you!


Today is a great day to see more stuff of how Bohemian bedrooms would actually look and feel like. Expect warm, golden glow which always gives the space an inviting feel. You’ll notice the lush and ornate linens in rich and vibrant hues.

inspired by the site’s setting and vegetation, the Casa Cabo Pulmo introduced the homeowners to how a building finds its place in its landscape – a process that instills harmony not only in the building structure but in the inhabitants as well.

7 Bohemian Style Bedroom Interiors

Intense orange walls can be a bit too bright for a bedroom, where you may want a more relaxed vibe, but smaller doses of the color via furniture and linens work well.

7 Bohemian Style Bedroom Interiors

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Red is the color of passion but it is also a symbol of Bohmian style bedrooms. They represent force and eclectic tastes.

7 Bohemian Style Bedroom Interiors

Pink is more than welcome in the dual-gender bedroom. Just make sure it is balanced with darker colors, non-floral patterns and other focal points.


Create a mix of vibrant colors and whimsical design using the Urban Bohemian trend seen on the runway and in home decor. Get bedding that is bold in color and pattern, then use some of the colors from the bedding around the room as accents on furniture, artwork, and/or wall treatments, to complete the color scheme.


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The headboard design and the frame look charming plus the table lamp sort of contradict, but sure mix well.


There are traditional silk drapes, a zebra rug, a formal ottoman and bright pink wallpaper. It would be a daring eclectic beauty even without the graffiti mural, but add that and it’s a work of art. It’s so crazy and mixed up that it works. There’s a lot going on in this bedroom set!


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