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Top Brands for Your Bedroom Furniture Pieces

Are you in the process of choosing bedroom furniture pieces for your modern interior design? Then this article will be of great help for you! We have carefully reviewed and selected some of the top brands where you can find the best items. Let’s dive in!


Bedroom furniture by Baxter

Baxter is an Italian furniture brand that is highly valued for its leather pieces. Indeed, their works are of unparalleled quality, with elegant yet contemporary design. Everyone would be able to find the desired item in their wide selection of beds, armchairs, sofas, nightstands, etc. We would recommend paying special attention to their seating areas. For instance, the Anais contemporary armchair is well worth your consideration because of its variations of materials and colors, graceful shapes, and luxury look.


Bedroom furniture by Giorgetti

When the furniture items are functional, while also integrating the finest artisanship and modern technologies, the results are always wonderful and outstanding. This is the case with Giorgetti’s creations. Since 1898, they have been producing innovative pieces with a unique aesthetic. Have a look at their works and who knows, maybe you will also get inspired by this brand’s furniture.


Bedroom furniture by Boca do Lobo

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Based in Portugal, Boca do Lobo often tries to express the traditional Portuguese style and design in some of their pieces. The exquisiteness, opulence, and exclusivity are the characteristics that make people fall in love with every new item from them. Their modern nightstand ideas are especially valued within the range of bedroom furniture collection. And no wonder, because their forms, materials, and details are something to die for!


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Mirrors Boca do Lobo 


Bedroom furniture by Driade

Driade is a furniture brand that has roots back to 1968. Its refined harmony has already impressed and inspired everyone. Therefore, it could not have been skipped for this selection of top brands. Their modern bed designs, for example, are exactly how they should be like: minimalistic and graceful, with an interesting element.


Bedroom furniture by Bonaldo

With over eighty years of experience and passion for design, innovation and experiments with new materials, Bonaldo succeeds to offer authentic contemporary furniture and home decor items that can be distinguished by their clear architectural lines and refined silhouettes.


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Odette Sofa 

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