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Chic Master Bedroom Ideas by Flou Collections

In the history of the modern bed, the year 1978 was a milestone. It was the year that Flou was founded, a company with the precise objective of innovating the bedroom and create a new ‘sleep culture’. Thirty-eight years late, the bedroom revolution is undeniable and Flou Collections have a crucial role in it. Flou had arrived and its continual development saw esthetics and function going hand-in-hand with innovation in the field of materials, technology, rationalization of the production processes.


Produce excellent beds, designed with the precise objective of improving comfort, wellness and quality of life, is the philosophy of Flou collection and today Master Bedroom Ideas Blog shows you some of the best creations with Flou mark.

From single to king-size, from sofa-beds to studio couches, Flou studio produces every kind of bedroom furniture with fabrics, wood, leather, hide and other materials. The company also produces the technical accessories – mattresses, pillows, mattress supports, cover fabrics – duvet covers available in a wide range of colors and patterns, collections that are reviewed every year.

Notturno Shabby Chic Collection

Chic Master Bedroom Ideas by Flou Collections

Flou has been able to interpret the ‘sleep culture’. It is now a market leader in the sector and has been promoted from being the ‘bed specialist’ to the ‘bedroom specialist’.

Chic Master Bedroom Ideas by Flou Collections

Flou Total White Collection

Chic Master Bedroom Ideas by Flou Collections

Sleep is the final stage of any day; it is an essential period during which our body recovers its strength and energy to face the next day.

The sedentary existence of modern living, our jobs, the lack of exercise and the increasingly stressful way we live are all factors that combine to necessitate that we pay much more attention to choosing a mattress or an environment that is much more suitable for our needs.

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Flou Luxury Collection

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