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Choose the Perfect Hand-Painted Mural For Your Bedroom Set

A colorful statement wall is one of the quickest ways to completely change the look of the master bedroom and the possibilities are enormous. Depending on your personal taste and how ambitious you’re feeling, you can paint your own mural or purchase an incredible full wall design. Check out these incredible hand-painted murals and get inspired to change your bedroom set!


Never forget the golden rule: be creative!

How to Choose a Hand-Painted Mural For Your Bedroom Set

This is an intricate mural with a lot going on and with a charismatic soul. If you are bold and your bedroom has simple furniture and lines, so this is a great idea for you bedroom set.

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How to Choose a Hand-Painted Mural For Your Bedroom Set

Hand-painted walls can have a luxurious dimension and this master bedroom decor is the perfect example of that. Everything works perfectly in this interior with the mural adding some strong colors to the set.


Simple yet pretty. This mural is inspired in the beauty of Spring and it is a great choice for minimal or Scandinavian bedrooms.


You barely noticed that this hand-painted mural is there but it is and it is the perfect details of the bedroom decor.

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A contemporary choice for urban master bedroom decor inspirations. If you like movement and elegance, this is the perfect choice for you! Black and white is a timeless color scheme and the painting itself it is gorgeous.

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