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Top 5 Classic Master Bedroom Designs

Classic design is full of elegance and it’s timeless. This style is all about sophistication and artistry. It favors restraint, rationality and the use of strict forms. The designs are often derived from the ancient Greeks and Romans. The style is also often associated with Victorian furnishings and the usage of antiques or relics, draperies, silk curtains and rich colors to capture the classic drama. Today Master Bedroom Ideas selected 5 stunning classic bedroom designs to inspire you!

1. French Classic Bedroom 

This is one of the most classical styles. This bedroom is elegant and it seems very comfortable. The white tones create a relaxed and quiet ambiance, perfect to relax.

Top 5 Classic Master Bedroom Designs

2. Hotel Chic Style 

This bedroom is covered in upholstered panels of raw silk. It’s the perfect way to add texture and warmth to a modern space. Combine with a beautifully upholstered headboard, classic sconces, and mirrored side tables for the epitome of hotel chic!

Top 5 Classic Master Bedroom Designs

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3. Classic and luxurious

This stunning ambiance project is from Boca do Lobo brand. The black bed headboard that never ending is gorgeous as well as the standing lamps.

Top 5 Classic Master Bedroom Designs

4. Pastel Tones

Color can literally ‘make or break’ a room. Therefore, it’s critical that you get it right, especially in the bedroom. Regardless if you prefer neutral tones, pastels, or bold color palettes, don’t be nervous about incorporating strong color choices in a classic style bedroom. This example has strong colors that combine perfectly with the whole decoration.

Top 5 Classic Master Bedroom Designs

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5. Extra accessories 

Most classic bedrooms are decorated in a simple fashion, yet universal, functional, and superbly elegant. Use stylish furniture to its full potential by adding luxurious bedding, window treatments, and pillows. If your bed has a canopy, drape or hang gorgeous fabric on it that will complement your pillows and bedding. Also, add distinctive and attractive accessories, like unique vases or colorful bottles in order to add a bit of charm and allure to your room.

Top 5 Classic Master Bedroom Designs

Which bedroom is your favorite? Please tell us your opinion on comments below.

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