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Colorful Bedroom Inspiration by Famous Interior Designers

Let’s take a look at some bedroom inspiration by the masters of color, as famous interior designers show how they play with tones, pieces and lighting in master bedroom design. Today at master bedroom ideas, a selection of Colorful Bedroom Inspiration by Famous Interior Designers, enjoy!

Colorful bedroom inspiration in Cortazzo Ranch by Martyn Lawrence Bullard with a trio of giraffe photos over the bed.

Bright colored bedroom design by Ken Fulk in the Lake House with rustic elements, peculiar furniture.

Colorful bedroom inspiration with blue and orange by Trip Haenisch with a stunning headboard and beautiful blue rug.

Colorful tropical bedroom by Sofia Aspe with a charming indoor tree, a beautiful mid-century nightstand and charming root table lamps. A beautiful bedroom inspiration.

Boho Master Bedroom by Peter Dunham Design in blue and white with beautiful portraits and charming wallpaper.

Eclectic new york bedroom design by Harry Heissmann with a touch of madness, a lot of toys and animals, giraffes, a pink armchair. Bedroom inspiration on the verge of total insanity.

Purple infusion on this eclectic modern master bedroom by Doug Meyer Studio. A splendid design with two main colors and both purple and white.

Stunning bedroom inspiration in black, white and red by Ashe + Leandro, featuring mid-century furniture and a pair of rugs, one red and the other pink.

A transitional bedroom with floral wallpaper by Matthew Patrick Smyth, looking absolutely charming with the green wallpaper.

bedroom inspirationGorgeous colors on this modern bedroom design by DimoreStudio, where the wallpaper and circusy bed are the absolute stars.

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