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Colour Ideas for Vivacious Bedroom Design

The world doesn’t need to be black and white, and it’s up to you to find a way to bring a little color to your life. Today, Master Bedroom Ideas Blog brings you inspiration through a carefully curated selection of colour ideas for a vivacious, cheerful master bedroom.

Brown, blue and orange tones enhanced by the textile patterns in this colorful master bedroom design with a special attention to lighting.

colour ideas
Cheerful yellow and pink tones in perfect harmony with the garden view and white background in this vivid master bedroom design. Great combination of colour ideas.

colour ideas
All the color is concentrated in the art pieces framed over the white wall. A great idea for those who are afraid of the use of colorful furniture.

colour ideas
Heavy use of red and yellow tones on this bohemian styled master bedroom.

master bedroom colour ideas
Blood orange is the main room colour and is balanced by the heavy use of white tones.

Crisp and cool bedroom design with the combination of orange, white and blue for a continental vibe. Wooden lamps give it that earthy touch.

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Another example of Blood Orange usage as interior colors.

We love this one. There’s almost too much going on but for some weird reason it all seems to work together.

Blue, yellow and white turn the bed layers into some sort of beach representation. There’s sand, sea and even foam! Inspiring master bedroom design.

This is a more modern, serious use of color with pillows and couch matching the art piece.

Pinkish tones with a touch of gold provided by Boca do Lobo’s Eden Series.

That’s it for today! Hope these colorful master bedroom designs will inspire you to think more colorfully! See you next time!

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