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Contemporary Armchairs for Your Master Bedroom

Bedroom interior is not yet finished at the point of choosing a bed or a nightstand. It is also vital to consider other furniture pieces that might add a feeling of comfort to your master bedroom design. For instance, a comfy armchair can perfectly play such a role. Therefore, we have prepared a selection of top contemporary armchairs that will become a finishing touch to your room interior.


Contemporary armchairs from Boca do Lobo

contemporary armchairs

A Portuguese luxury furniture brand has once again created ideal examples of a combination of classical and contemporary design styles. For instance, although the inspiration for the gray NU Chesterfield armchair is rooted back in the 1800s, it still has a modern look and vibe. Another piece, Imperfectio, with exquisite gold-like details also speaks for itself!



Contemporary armchairs can and should be eye-catching. Well, this bright Corallo armchair from Bonaldo is definitely applicable for such a description. Its coral tone, which is also declared as color of this year by Pantone, makes it a centerpiece in any modern interior.



A creative structure that resembles rose petals is what will make you fall in love with this modern furniture item. It is also available in red, building even more resemblance to a rose.


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Soleil Chair


Contemporary armchairs from Baxter

contemporary armchairs

A leather armchair is a great idea for calm bedrooms, and Baxter surely knows how to produce those. Just look at the elegant form and structure of this seating furniture! Availability of huge color variety is one more reason why they are worth your attention.



If you need an example of contemporary armchairs that would be light and neutral in color yet have a strong character, Moooi’s Love Sofa is an ideal option. Rounded and soft shapes, as well as a warm tone, create a great sense of comfort.



In contrast to the previous one, this armchair has sharper lines and tougher look. It will be more suitable for rather classical interior design or the one with a masculine style. If needed, the harsh look of this furniture piece can be balanced out with light-colored decor objects.


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