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Contemporary Bedrooms by Casa Muñoz

Today we will talk about Casa Muñoz, located in Madrid, since 2014 it was founded by Mafalda Muñoz and Gonzalo Machado. They are recognized for their luxurious and exclusive works, from the mixture of art, furniture, and modern inspiration, all their environments are unique and powerful.

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Contemporary Bedrooms by Casa Muñoz
The Madrid studio of Gonzalo Machado and Mafalda Muñoz handles homes for the most fashionable clients.

Shortly after launching their Madrid-based interior design firm, CASA MUÑOZ, in 2014, Mafalda Muñoz and Gonzalo Machado landed a plum job. They were commissioned by Spanish supermodel Eugenia Silva to decorate her new apartment: a 3,800-square-foot space in a 1950s building overlooking the city’s Parque del Oeste. She gave them carte blanche. The result is decor marked by a neutral palette, strong architectural lines, and an intriguing mix of furnishings. “For me, the house is very masculine,” says Muñoz. “It doesn’t look like a supermodel lives there.”

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Contemporary Bedrooms by Casa Muñoz
The couple decorated their own apartment in the Muñoz family’s country home, in Pedraza, north of Madrid.

CASA MUÑOZ projects a glamorous presence on the Madrid design scene. Handworked natural materials and finishes paired with sculptural silhouettes are the building blocks of the firm’s refined organic chic.

Contemporary Bedrooms by Casa Muñoz

Casa Muñoz specializes in residential work, hotels, restoration projects, and furniture design. Their projects give a complete vision of the different disciplines involved in the process from sketch to construction.

Contemporary Bedrooms by Casa Muñoz

Details of furniture for an urban apartment designed by Casa Muñoz.

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Contemporary Bedrooms by Casa Muñoz

The couple sourced pieces from antiquaries in Madrid, adding curtains of Décors Barbares fabric and a very special desk chair they spotted on 1stDibs. “The Riaza chair is a design my father, Paco Muñoz, did in the 1950s,” Mafalda says.

“And it is always a pleasure to find his vintage designs on 1stDibs.”

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Contemporary Bedrooms by Casa Muñoz

The philosophy of the MACHADO – MUÑOZ GALLERY has its origin in the fascination that both feel for everyday objects that leads them to the tireless search for limited editions for design collectors.


Contemporary Bedrooms by Casa Muñoz

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Contemporary Bedrooms by Casa Muñoz

And precisely from that artistic passion that unites them arises the new adventure of CASA MUÑOZ, a space for the creation of interiors with the stamp of the exquisiteness that already characterizes them: offering projects tailored to the taste and needs of the client, but always to based on respect for the architectural pedigree and the subsequent selection of unique and author’s pieces.

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