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Contemporary Nightstand Ideas for Your Modern Bedroom

Looking for a perfect couple for your master bed? Then keep reading to discover some of the best contemporary nightstand ideas for your modern bedroom. Minimalistic, sophisticated, wooden, leather and other bedside tables are waiting for you!


Textured nightstand

If you need a truly sophisticated and luxury nightstand, go for a textured one, especially in a graceful light color.


Minimalistic nightstand

For minimalism admirers, this item with a Scandinavian style will be a perfect option. Just look at its beautiful silhouette and curved edges, and you will understand everything!


Contemporary nightstand by Il Pezzo Mancante

What a refined wooden nightstand idea! Gentle and sinuous contours are the special feature of this piece. Moreover, they allow to show the full beauty of the wood structure, creating a really magical look.


Contemporary nightstand with interesting detail

It is so crucial to have interesting details on your furniture items! They capture attention, inspire, and thus, transform your furniture into centerpieces in your bedroom interior. This nightstand, for instance, has wonderful handles in different shapes. They seem to be that finishing touch to the whole place, something the room has lacked the whole time.


Contemporary nightstand by Boca do Lobo

contemporary nightstand

In order to add some harmony to your modern bedroom, consider this elegant and exquisite piece by Boca do Lobo. Inspired by great musicians, it will compose a beautiful interior melody.


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Maison et Objet 2020 


Contemporary nightstand by Scarlet Splendour

As an opulent bedside table, Cheer by Scarlet Splendour impresses and amazes. It is impossible not to fall in love with its bright color and raw shape.


Contemporary nightstand

We absolutely adore the color of this bedside table! It resembles a warm sunset light over the ocean. You are promptly carried away to some summer resort, where relaxing is the only task you have to perform.


Leather nightstand by Baxter

furniture brand Baxter has always been popular for its leather works. Therefore, we could not have skipped one of their creations for this list of modern nightstands. This bedroom furniture piece has a contemporary design, top-notch materials, and sharp lines – a wonderful combination to make a strong statement.


Contemporary nightstand

A drawer made of solid ash wood adds some natural touch to a rather urbanistic nightstand with steel lines. We really like the contrasts that exist thanks to the combination of materials and styles.


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Odette Sofa 

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