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10 David Collins Master Bedroom Ideas

Today we will talk about Master Bedroom projects from one of the greatest. David Collins was unquestionably one of the greatest interior designers of his time.

Although he died in 2013, Collins was, during his lifetime, a top interior designer, who still inspires others. He created some of the most beautiful interior designs This world has ever seen.

Born in March 1955, in a family of architects in Dublin, David Collins from an early age seemed to show an interest in everything connected to light and design. Pursuing an architectural degree in Bolton Street School of Architecture, Collins decided to change his path and, when he finished his bachelor degree, he decided to pursue his professional life, becoming an interior designer.

From there, he decided to move to London, where he had the chance to redecorate a friend’s house. This project would become the early stage of the creation of his own firm, the David Collins Studio. To describe it as the design process ignores the emotional commitment. It starts with a confident client, and it requires an idea.

However, Collins and his partner, Iain Watson, quickly had to start innovating and changing their creative vision.

We are some David Collins Master Bedroom projects:

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master bedroom ideas

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David Collins scored and inspired a generation. He became one of the great interior designers of his time where, even today, his work is much appreciated while still being inspired by the younger ones.

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