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Decorate Your Room With Unusual Bed Designs

A bed. There’s nothing special to it, right? A mattress and something that can sustain it and we’re all done. Wrong. There are many elements that contribute to a great bed, but today at Master Bedroom Ideas we’ll be focusing on unusual bed designs in 2017. Shall we begin?

bed ideas 2017

bed ideas 2017
Using the power of magnets, this bed can hold 900 kilos of weight, and it looks unbelievable! If you want to impress, this bed design will do it.

bed ideas 2017

bed ideas 2017

bed ideas 2017
This Letto Zip bed is the lazy man’s dream. With this modern bed design, you can zip your mess and everything will look as tidy as if nothing had ever happened. You still have to make the bed though.

modern bedrooms 2017

modern bedrooms 2017
With elements of modern design and fantasy, the Enignum Bed enables a sense of protection and security. Looking good on both modern and classical bedrooms, this bedroom design will fit any space with grace and whimsy.

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architectural bed design ideas
With bold architectural lines reminding the EU monument in Brussels, this is both art and furniture, which combine to create an unforgettable bed design. Doesn’t seem to be practical though, and you can imagine the faces when the moving men see it.

unusual bed design
This is a gorgeous bed design. Created by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur, the user sits on the bed as the curtains automatically close while the temperature slowly decreases. Straight out of science fiction.

unusual bed modern bedroom ideas
Last but not least, this bed design by Mimondo seems to come from the future. Spirals and stairs and metallic tones combine on this unsettling bed.

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