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Deep Blue Bedroom Inspiration for 2018

Like other dark colors, deep blue has the ability to make a room more intimate and comfortable. It also helps to fall asleep since it is the color of the midnight sky. A blue bedroom can be a very relaxed and cool environment while the royalty connection to the color leads it to a luxury space, especially with traditional furniture or antiques and light furnishings.

Besides being a pushed-away color by many interior designers and homeowners due to their insecurity on how to work with this particular color, deep blue is an excellent choice and we are showing you why. Stay with us and get your deep blue bedroom inspiration for 2018:

When art becomes a bedside table your room acquires an evermore-inspiring atmosphere. The Mondrian bedside table is more art than utilitarian furniture. Undoubtedly, it constitutes a unique and collectible object that is different from anything else, and exudes a sense of both experimental design and luxury.


The Heritage Nightstand is influenced by the Azulejo, a landmark in Portuguese culture. Originating from the Arabic word zellige, this traditional hand painted tile that can be found all over the country, from churches, to houses and gardens and was often used to tell tales of Portuguese history. Superb for any graceful ambience, this unique nightstand references the importance of history, our ancestors and heritage, with a touch of blue or sepia glamour, for cold or warmer looks.


blue bedroomblue bedroom

Blue is actually the only color that is capable of maintaining its character in every tone. That feature makes it an easily combining color for your master bedroom interior design.

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While it’s one of the darkest shades available, deep blue suggests a more calming quality than black, and it works adequately with either traditional or contemporary furnishings.

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By adding some color, you can create an elegant and deep look for your master bedroom design.

Deep blue can work in a child’s bedrooms or nursery as well. Mixing deep blue with white, green or orange in a boy’s room or bright pink, purple or red for a girl could be an excellent option for a luxury feel.

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