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Design A Contemporary Bedroom with Diamond Collection of Boca do Lobo

Diamond is one of the best-known gemstones. Since ancient times diamonds have been used for decorative purposes being a symbol of strength and endurance. Inspired by this jewel, Boca do Lobo created its exclusive Diamond series reflecting the jeweler’s expertise and quintessence. Driven by the passion and meticulous dedication of Boca do Lobo’s designers and craftsmen, diamonds turned into modern furniture design that brings vast master bedroom ideas. The opulent Diamond Collection will help to design a contemporary bedroom and create the luxury interior design.

Diamond Nightstand is ready to accommodate any bedside essentials, bringing real personality and contemporary style to the bedroom.

Design A Contemporary Bedroom with Diamond Collection of Boca do Lobo

Coated in black high gloss varnish and embodied with the remarkable gold-leaf interior the Diamond nightstand brings the sense of uniqueness.

Design A Contemporary Bedroom with Diamond Collection of Boca do LoboReinterpretation of diamond shape through the contemporary design is demonstrated in the exquisite Diamond watch winder.

A single module watch winder provides proper care and secure storage to high-end watches. This precious object will complement your contemporary bedroom furniture and enhance the space with nobility.

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Coleccionista bookshelf with the fine amethyst element is the fundamental element of the best interior design. Inspired by the legendary Diamond Sideboard as well as other icon pieces of Boca do Lobo the Coleccionista bookshelf can be ingeniously implemented in wall decorations or used for space division.

Another element for the best bedroom designs is Diamond Bathtub. Following the popular trend of united-spaces, bedroom and bathroom complement each other with the same leitmotiv.

The black lacquered bathtub will create a synthesis of elegant and harmonious aesthetics and will certainly become the jewel of your contemporary bedroom.

Led by the courage, creativity, and purity, the Diamond Collection promotes feelings of self-love and bring pure love inside the house.

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