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Design Inspiration for Small Modern Bedroom

Designing a small modern bedroom is not just about creating interiors that save up on space. It needs to be a combination of style and space consciousness that exudes balance and panache. This requires both proper planning and a touch of ingenuity. Lack of space in the bedroom does not mean you have to give up on either comfort or elegance. Compact bedrooms can appear as lavish and luxurious as any other that is blessed with ample space. In a world where studio apartments and city lofts are becoming more and more common, savvy design seems an absolute must.

modern bedroom

Designing the interiors of a small room are all about creating greater visual room and incorporating ample storage units. A clean and uncluttered look is an absolute must. From lighting to paint and mirrors to accessories, every little detail makes a big difference. Here are a few modern inspirations that will get you started on the right path

Natural sunlight combined with lovely lighting makes a small room appear brighter

modern bedroom

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Purple brings sophistication to the room

modern bedroom

Smart design helps in maximizing space

modern bedroom

Storage underneath the bed and decor that does away with legs – Perfect for small bedrooms

Warm wooden tones combined with soothing gray in a compact bedroom

Pendant lights, mirror and the window above the bed bring in a sense of openness

Pristine white backdrop with single accent tone can create bright and beautiful bedrooms

Loft bedroom with open walls seems as stunning as any larger contemporary bedroom

Bedroom in the attic

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