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Design Miami in Basel – an Inspiring Design Event

Design Miami is an art fair that will take place in Basel, Switzerland from 11th until 16th of June. It usually happens under the series of design events twice a year, once in Switzerland and once in Miami.

Art Basel

The most influential gallerists, furniture designers, collectors, and critics are brought together for the same objective – to celebrate and honor the world of design and art. However, not only the exhibitors present their individual works, but they also collaborate with different design institutions to show even more exciting and inspiring results.

Art Basel

Today we would like to review some of the best participants in this year’s Design Miami in Basel in order to see which bedroom furniture or decor pieces they will present.


Demisch Danant at Design Miami

Demisch Danant is a gallery that focuses on twentieth-century French design. It was founded by Suzanne Demisch and Stephane Danant and has been representing the works of some of the best designers in the world.

These armchairs were included in the last year’s edition of Design Miami. You can notice the interesting shapes and high-quality materials that will most certainly amaze you this year as well.


Jousse Entreprise

Modern design and innovation can be traced in the works of Jousse Entreprise Gallery. You simply cannot miss this exhibition!


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Eric Philippe Gallery 

Opened in Paris in 1980, Eric Philippe Gallery has since been specializing in twentieth-century North American and European design. For instance, look at the elegance and exquisiteness of this floor lamp! It could easily become a centerpiece in your bedroom interior.


Matthieu Richard Gallery

If you are searching for truly unique pieces, be sure to visit the stand of Matthieu Richard Gallery. As an example, this table lamp can perfectly match your modern nightstand – it will create a wonderful mix of styles.


Galerie Jacques Lacoste

Some of the works presented in this gallery surprise with the contemporary design, although they were mostly created in the 20th century. We would really recommend seeing their stand during Design Miami 2019!


Galerie Meubles et Lumières

The Galerie Meubles et Lumières was launched by two young antique dealers. They surely know what they are doing in the sphere of art pieces and therefore, should be visited during Design Miami in Basel!


Galerie Pascal Cuisinier

design miami

For the admirers of the first generation of French designers, this gallery is an ideal option.


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